Anxiety is a constant state of worry, unease, or fear that interferes with our daily life and prevents us from carrying out our routines.
With a professional's help, you can learn to manage it and find coping mechanisms to reduce its impact on your life.
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Most common symptoms

Disruption of daily activities

Depression affects sleep, eating habits, sexual response, concentration and/or attention. It also has an impact on social life, which leads, for example, to canceling plans at the last minute or avoiding crowded social gatherings

Behavioural symptoms

The appearance of new observable reactions at a verbal and non-verbal level, such as constantly having to move, having nervous tics, looking distracted, sudden crying spells, avoidance, irritability, etc.

Physiological symptoms

Tremors, muscle tension, racing heartbeat, breathlessness, headaches, sweating, light-headedness, nausea and digestive problems, among others

Cognitive symptoms

Excessive worry, negative thoughts, negative anticipation, catastrophizing, permanent alertness, lack of motivation, poor memory and difficulty concentrating


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